We operate the most dynamic and profitable game rooms and attractions nationwide.

This is achieved through the pursuit of excellence, innovation and a commitment to providing an industry leading entertainment experience. We optimize each game room through design, layout, game mix, equipment selection and management. We operate the freshest and most powerful mix of top earning games and attractions.

In addition to our wholly owned locations, FEG offers customizable revenue sharing programs for Amusement Parks, Bowling Centers, Casinos, Family Entertainment Centers, Hotels, Movie Theaters, Resorts, Restaurants, Retail Stores and Waterparks.

Benefits of our Revenue Sharing Program:

  • An exciting mix of the newest top earning games and attractions with no capital investment
  • Unique, first-to-market products

  • An equipment mix that is tailored to the traffic of each facility partner and optimized to maximize performance

  • Customizable large attractions that produce the “WOW” factor among customers and provide incremental earning power

  • Deep expertise in retail design and game merchandising, pricing, payouts, and controls

  • Cutting edge POS technology and debit card game activation systems that are fully capable of integrating with the clients own in-house management systems

  • Best in class specialized staff and technical support to minimize down time, maximize earnings and allow our partners to focus on their core business

  • An in-house design team that has the ability to work collaboratively with partners to create branding strategy that can be incorporated with games, attractions, merchandising and artwork

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