While Family Entertainment Group (FEG) has been focused on the business of fun since 2004, we are also very focused on helping others through the time and efforts of our team members located throughout the country.

FEG’s charitable initiatives are driven by an internal program called FEG Kind. Established in 2017, FEG Kind is a voluntary program inspired and serviced by FEG’s team members that was created to share successes, give hope, pay it forward, and ultimately allow team members to give back to the communities they serve through their donations, time and passions.

FEG Kind activities are ongoing and diverse. One of the driving factors behind FEG Kind is that any team member with a passion or worthy organization can recommend their cause to be the focus an FEG Kind initiative.

Whether it is a donation of time, money or the use of resources to those in need, FEG Kind comes through again and again.

Recently, FEG Kind has hosted blood drives, planted trees to support the Canopy Project, and donated supplies to a wild animal and rescue rehabilitation center called Back To The Wild. Sometimes, giving back can be a small gesture, at In The Game Corpus Christi the team found two, stray, abandoned kittens.  When it was clear that there was no mom cat and no human family, the team took the kittens home and bottle fed them until they were strong enough to be adopted by a forever home.

Since George Smith founded Family Entertainment Group it has always been his drive to not only build a great organization, but to find opportunities to give back whenever possible.

“It is my belief, as an old bible quote goes, ‘to whom much is given, much will be required,’ that all of life is a gift. Additionally, another bible quote, ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive,’ at the very least feels right. None of us see the world in the same way, but as a civilization, it speaks to the quality of humanness to do kind things as often as you can.” – George Smith