Round Rock, TX – October 31, 2023

Family Entertainment Group continues to innovate the world of family entertainment, by proudly announcing the launch of their latest creation – “Mission Possible: Human Claw Experience.” This ground-breaking attraction will take guests at Kalahari Round Rock Resort to new heights, both literally and figuratively.
Family Entertainment Group, worked in conjunction with Sting International to bring this interactive entertainment experience to the heart of Texas. “Mission Possible: Human Claw Experience” combines the thrill of a traditional arcade crane game with a bold twist – guests are suspended in the air, ready to reach out and seize their rewards.

Scott Brown, Director of Marketing at Family Entertainment Group, expressed his excitement, saying, “We believe in redefining family fun, and ‘Mission Possible: Human Claw Experience’ is an example of our commitment. This attraction offers a completely unique experience, where guests become the claw, hovering above a treasure trove of prizes, and capturing their winnings.”

With a focus on innovation and the creation of unforgettable memories, Family Entertainment Group has spared no effort in developing an attraction that promises to be a highlight at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park within the Kalahari Round Rock Resort.

The “Mission Possible: Human Claw Experience” is set to become a favorite, allowing guests of all ages to challenge their skills, feel the adrenaline rush, and take home incredible prizes. This attraction embodies the spirit of adventure that defines both Family Entertainment Group and Kalahari Resorts.